Frequently Asked Questions

What is the presentation/seminar/workshop about?

Fast Growth Summit is a social media event where Kerwin talks about the latest social media strategies for business growth.

What do  I need?

The Fast Growth Summit virtual event is delivered entirely via Zoom. To ensure you have a seamless experience on this platform please download the latest version of ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ here

For Zoom to be able to stream at the highest quality you will need to ensure you have a solid internet connection, ideally not a hotspot. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10 – you can test yours here.

It is also recommended that you have:

    • A notebook (to capture all of your aha moments)
    • Plenty of water and a nutritious snack (to keep up your energy)
    • An open mind (so you can fully soak in all the material to plan for success)

Will there be any selling?

The purpose of this event is to provide you with some great social media hacks & tools and at the end of the event, Kerwin will also present an opportunity for the business owners who want to work with him.

​​Will there be a recording?

There won’t be a recording made available of the Fast Growth Summit event.

When will I receive the VIP bonus material?

You will be emailed access to the VIP bonus material within 24 hours after attending the virtual event.

I was unable to attend will I still get the VIP bonus material?

The VIP bonus material is only for those who have attended the Fast Growth Summit virtual event

If you were unable to attend please email [email protected] and we can either transfer you to an upcoming event (if available) or put you on the notification list for when we may run this event again in the future.

I am not receiving any emails.

Some email applications will block our email or send our email to your spam or junk folders. Do a search in your inbox, spam and junk for any emails from “[email protected]” or “Fast Growth Summit”. If you still can’t find it, email [email protected] and I’ll get the team to send you a copy.

Is this event for me?

Depends on your situation.

Yes IF you are either:

    • An existing small to medium size business owner looking to grow revenues and profits quickly whilst learning HOW to work less (not a sales spiel, this is what we specialise in).
    • A successful business making great money but maybe working too hard, too much and you want to grow the business without sacrificing your life.
    • A start-up business that is looking to scale quickly and generate revenues to cover all of your overheads and also be able to create profit so you can pay yourself a wage.
    • A business owner who is sick to death of lofty promises from shady business coaches and slick speakers and are looking for tangible and practical content that you can apply instantly.
    • A business owner who is working 50+ hrs a week for very little return and you are looking for a way to make more whilst doing less.
    • A motivated individual with an IDEA for a business but NO idea on how to execute it to create your dream business.
    • A business owner that is having staffing issues when it comes to recruitment or team members not performing at a high level.  We create Fast Growth through creating High Performance Cultures.

I’m just a startup will this help me?

Yes.  If you are a start up you need more help than anybody and the longer you wait to get it the more time, energy and money you will lose while you “try and work it out”.  Don’t kid yourself – get help.

I have been to plenty of events that are nothing more than Multi Speaker pitch fests.  What is different about this event?

Firstly you will be hearing from one speaker for the entire event.  Me. Secondly there will be NO hard selling or pushy sales people.  Our motto is give, give, give and give some more. Then if you are interested in doing business with us we can have that conversation then.

What does Kerwin know about my industry or business?

I have consulted to 154 different industries in 11 countries around the world and have learned that although many businesses appear different at a surface level in fact ALL businesses have very similar requirements to scale fast.  A few similarities just to name a few:

    • More clients for less spend on advertising
    • More sales from the leads they get ideally in a shorter time frame
    • More money spent at every transaction
    • More clients coming back spending more money more often
    • More clients referring people most likely to want or need to but their services

Why should I listen to you?

I have been buying, building and selling businesses for over 15 years and specialise in creating Fast Growth Business and have made in excess of $250M for my clients over the last 7 years alone.  For more on me check out my about page here.