8-week online program

Hosted by Martin G Moore

Starting 18, September 2023


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$2,750.00 AUD

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Are you ready to become an exceptional leader? 


Leadership Beyond the Theory (LBT) is a comprehensive program designed to deliver genuine uplift in leadership performance. 

Using Martin’s ‘No Bullsh!t Leadership Framework’, you’ll gain access to the practical tools and techniques you need to improve your leadership skills, fast!

Martin has over 30+ years of skill, wisdom, and experience going from university dropout to the CEO of a multi-billion dollar business and will be sharing his proven roadmap to leadership success for business owners and their teams. 

With over 1,500 leaders successfully completing the program in the last 4 years in both B2B and B2C markets, it has generated revenues of over $4 million!


Here’s what you’ll learn


Module 1: Deliver Value

Identify and stop the busy, non-value-adding work, and instead focus on the work that will really drive your team to deliver results.

Module 2: Handle Conflict

Become a master at handling conflict, by learning Martin’s tried and tested methods, enabling you to confidently and comfortably have tough conversations when they inevitably present themselves.

Module 3: Build Resilience

Build real resilience to help you face any challenge that comes your way, ​​using Martin’s strategies to develop perspective and learn how to acquire grace under pressure.

Module 4: Work at Level

Learn exactly how to move through each leadership level seamlessly and effectively. Transition from a technical role to a leadership role, by knowing how to leave your comfort zone, and avoid ‘dipping down’ to be the competent leader your people deserve. 

Module 5: Master Ambiguity

Learn how to handle ambiguity by being able to confidently communicate with certainty and clarity to your people.

Module 6: Make Great Decisions

Get the most out of your people by making faster, better decisions, using Martin’s decision-making framework.

Module 7: Drive Accountability

Empower your people, by implementing a strong accountability structure with clear objectives.

Module 8: Connect the Dots

Bring together all of the program concepts, enabling you to seamlessly integrate changes into your day-to-day team culture. 


See full course outline here.


How it works

Watch the videos and complete the worksheets

Each week for 8 weeks, you will gain access to a new module that consists of easy-to-follow videos with accompanying worksheets and resources (estimate 3 hours weekly to complete).

Build your network with likeminded leaders

Exchange ideas and have discussions on best practices with your cohort in a private Leadership Beyond the Theory Slack community full of leaders from around the globe.

Participate in the weekly live Q&A

Each week you will have live access to Martin through a Q&A webinar (two per week to accommodate for all time zones), where you will be able to further consolidate your learning of each module.


What you will get

    • Lifetime access to Marty Moore’s 8-module proven leadership system
    • 2 hours of live webinar access to him each week (that’s 16 hours over the entire program)
    • A guarantee that EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you submit is answered personally by Marty
    • 2+ hours of video lessons, 3 hours of bonus content and 60+ supporting PDF resources
    • The 125-page Leadership Beyond the Theory Implementation Playbook and Post-Program Implementation Plan to help you nail the strategies long after you finish the program
    • Access to the private Leadership Beyond the Theory Slack community
    • Opportunity to join an Accountability Pod to stay on track
    • 100% money-back guarantee 


Exclusive to K2 Elites, when you join you’ll also receive an invitation to a post-program Zoom with Marty so that any lingering questions after the program finishes can be answered.