Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the event being held?

Thursday 8 June 2023 – The Star, Sydney
Tuesday 13 June 2023 – Sofitel, Brisbane Central
Wednesday 14 June 2023 – Crown, Melbourne

See all venue information here.

Q. What time does the event start?

5:45pm (local time) – Express Registration / Check-in for VIPs only
6:00pm (local time) – General Registration / Check-in
6:30pm (local time) – Event Start
9:00pm (local time) – Event End

Q. How do I purchase a ticket?

Click here now and follow the prompts to purchase your ticket.

Q. I purchased a ticket but I didn’t get a confirmation email

Some email applications will block our email or send our email to your spam or junk folders.

Please search your inbox, spam, and junk for any emails from [email protected] or Scale with AI Summit.

If you still can’t find it, email [email protected], and the team will send you a copy.

Q. I have not received my ticket

No need to worry, we will have your name at the door and you will be emailed your event check-in on the night of the event.

Q. How do I check-in to the event?

Getting into Scale with AI Summit is fast and easy with self-check-in:
– Once you arrive at the event, open your email ‘Scale with AI Summit Check In’
– Make sure your details are correct and follow the prompts to check-in
– Show your confirmation tick at the door to gain entry
– If you need any assistance, our friendly support team will be there to help

Q. What is included in the VIP ticket?

Included with your VIP ticket is:
– VIP seating in the Specially Reserved Section at the front of the room ($197)
– Exclusive K2 Elite Keynote: Using AI in Business (normally reserved for K2 Elite membership)
– Ebook: Scaling Businesses with AI ($47)
– BONUS video training: Kerwin Rae’s Ultimate Planning Guide ($297)

Find out more about the VIP package here.

Q. How can I upgrade my ticket to VIP?

If you did not purchase a VIP ticket during registration, you can upgrade your ticket here. PLEASE USE THE SAME EMAIL YOU USED TO REGISTER WITH.

Q. When will I receive my BONUS online training as part of my VIP package?

You will be emailed access to your training within a few days of attending the event.

Q. I purchased a ticket for the wrong date / venue or want to transfer

Email [email protected] and the team will transfer you manually.

Q. I want to bring others with me

The registration process is for one ticket at a time, you can share the event with your friend to purchase a ticket themselves.

If you want to sit together, meet up at the event early and check in together (there is no assigned seating).

Q. I want to bring my whole team

If you have a large group of people you want to purchase tickets for, please contact [email protected] and we can organise this for you.

We will need the name, email, and mobile for each person you want to attend.

Q. Is this event for me?

Scale with AI Summit can help you if you are:

– An existing small to medium size business owner looking to grow revenues and profits quickly whilst learning HOW to work less.

– A successful business making great money but maybe working too hard, too much and you want to grow the business without sacrificing your life.

– A start-up business that is looking to scale quickly and generate revenues to cover all of your overheads and create enough profit to pay yourself a wage.

– A business owner who is sick to death of lofty promises from shady business coaches and slick speakers. You are looking for tangible and practical content that you can apply instantly.

– A business owner who is working 50+ hrs a week for very little return and you are looking for a way to make more whilst doing less.

– A business owner that is having staffing issues when it comes to recruitment or team members not performing at a high level.

Q. Should I bring my business partner or life partner?

Teams that grow together stay together. If you have a business partner or other team
members involved in growing your business, bringing them is a MUST.

Bringing a significant other helps them get a better understanding of the journey you are on and the support that is sometimes needed. This has the power to transform personal relationships.

Q. I have been to plenty of events that are nothing more than multi-speaker pitch fests – what is different about this event?

Firstly, you will be hearing from one speaker for the entire event

Secondly, there will be NO hard-selling or pushy salespeople. Our motto is to give, give, give and give some more. Then if you are interested in doing business with us we can have that conversation then.

Q. What does Kerwin know about my industry or business?

Kerwin has consulted in 154 different industries in 11 countries around the world and has learned that although many businesses appear different at a surface level, ALL businesses have very similar requirements to scale fast.

A few requirements just to name a few:
– More clients for less spend on advertising
– More sales from the leads they get ideally in a shorter time frame
– More money spent at every transaction
– More clients coming back spending more money more often
– More clients referring people likely to want or need to buy their services

Q. Why should I listen to you?

Kerwin has been buying, building, and selling businesses for over 15 years and specialises in successful scaling . He has made in excess of $250M for his clients over the last 7 years alone.

For more on Kerwin, check out his about page here.

Q. What should I bring?

– A jacket (it can get cold with the air-con)
– A notebook (to capture all your ah-ha moments)
– Water and a nutritious snack (to keep up your energy)
– An open mind (so you can fully soak in all the material to plan for success)

Tickets to the Scale with AI Summit with Kerwin Rae are non-refundable and not transferrable to any other event. Should you require any further assistance, please contact [email protected]